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  • Shower drain without edge with grid for embedding tiles APZ15 Marble & APZ115 Marble Low
  • Stainless steel shower drain with fixed vertical flange to the wall and two-sided grid APZ23-DOUBLE9 Fit and Go Wall
  • Pre-wall installation systems for woodenconstruction houses AM101/1120W, AM101/850W & AM112W
  • Flush plate FUN-BRASS for pre-wall installation systems
  • Flush plates THIN in white-matt finish
  • Program white-polished

The Czech Heating and Plumbers Guild annually awards the Annual Heating and Plumbing Prize. In the „Plumber category“ the prize went to Alcaplast for significant deeds in the field of heating-plumbing in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The fifteenth year of the „TOP CZECH WOMEN 2019“ took place on January 20, 2020 in the first class premises Prague Karlín Forum.

We are pleased to invite you to the International trade fair,
IDEOBAIN Paris, which
will be held from 4 to 8 November 2019.
You find us
in Pavilion 3 in stand D035.

We look forward to seeing you.
The Alcaplast team.


  • Flush plates THIN M67x and M77x
  • Shower drain APZ13-DOUBLE9 Fit and Go
  • Pre-wall installation systems with top or front actuation AM118, AM119

The most prestigious entrepreneur competition EY Entrepreneur Of The Year2018 is over. The overall winner are the owners of Alcaplast Radka Prokopová and František Fabičovic, who already won the regional round in February and became Entrepreneurs of the Year in the South Moravian Region. The award ceremony was held in Prague on Tuesday 5th of March 2019.


  • WC flexi connectors PREMIUM
  • Double connectors P155Z, P156Z
  • Easy clean waste outlets A392C, A504CKM, A507CKM
  • Plastic shower drains without odour trap APZ2012C and APZ2022C

The fourteenth year of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year of the South Moravian Region competition has its winners. Radka Prokopová and František Fabičovic, owners of Alcaplast company in Břeclav, the largest manufacturer of sanitary equipment in Central and Eastern Europe, received the most prestigious award.

We are pleased to invite you to the world’s leading trade fair,
ISH Frankfurt The Bathroom Experience, which
will be held from 11 to 15 March 2019.

You will find us in pavilion 4.0 in stand B85. We look forward to seeing you.

The Alcaplast team.


  • Flexi pipes PREMIUM
  • Bath waste and traps with flat overflow
  • Extension of the Black-matt program
  • Secondary drainage – shower drains APZ1S, APZ101S
  • Plastic shower drain APZ2022 with stainless steel edge without odour trap
  • Extention of drainage channels range

Alcaplast company has upholded its position among one hundred of the most successful Czech companies, when in prestigious rating Czech 100 Best gained fantastic 81st place. The goal is to highlight and to evaluate the Czech companies with outstanding results. The award ceremony was held on Friday 30th of November 2018 in Spanish Hall at Prag Castle. The company owners Radka Prokopová and František Fabičovic were both present at the gala evening.


  • Extension of the black-matt program – shower drains APZ1BLACK, APZ101BLACK, grid PURE BLACK
  • Plastic shower drain with a stainless steel edge APZ18 Simple
  • Catalogue of pre-wall installations systems and shower drains


  • Flush plates THIN
  • Shower drain APZ2012 Optimal

Tours of manufacturing halls, introduction of a brand new video about the company in Alcaplast Academy and an evening program in Obelisk Winery in Valtice. The event was organized for the business partners and friends at the end of May by the Alcaplast team headed by the owners Radka Prokopová and František Fabičovič.